What is HockeyApp -The Platform for Your Apps?


15 Feb What is HockeyApp -The Platform for Your Apps?

HockeyApp lets you manage your iOS, Android, OS X, and Windows apps. It makes it easy to distribute a beta version to testers and enables you to collect crash reports and user feedback from any stage in the application lifecycle, including production apps. This video walks you through the core capabilities and shows HockeyApp in action.

Accelerate your Apps with Mobile DevOps

Take advantage of HockeyApp and bring a full Mobile DevOps flow to your mobile app development. Through this extension, HockeyApp integrates with Visual Studio Team Services or Team Foundation Server to streamline development, management, monitoring, and delivery of your mobile apps.

Distribution – Upload your apps for beta testing and seamless in-app updates
Crash Reports – Get symbolicated crash reports while testing and in production
Feedback – Allow your users to create a dialog with you directly from within the app
User Metrics – See how users interact with your app and plan your investments based on real data
Managing Apps – Create teams to manage access, integrate with Azure Active Directory, and quickly on-board your team.
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