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Adding ibeacon to your mobile strategy how effective will that be

08 Apr Adding iBeacon to Your Mobile Strategy – How Effective Will That Be?

Back in June 2013, Apple Inc. revealed the iBeacon system for the first time at the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). Since it was introduced six years back, iBeacon technology has turned out to be a huge success globally. The iBeacon technology has been used in...

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7 common mistakes testers make

03 Apr 7 Common Mistakes Testers Make

When becoming a world-class tester, you’re bound to make some mistakes along the way. Everyone has to start somewhere, and let’s face it: mistakes do happen. Software testing is both an art and an exact science. Whether you’re a new or experienced tester, it’s easy...

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Android API

27 Mar Expanding target API level requirements in 2019      

Since November 2018, all app updates on Google Play have been required to target API level 26 (Android 8.0) or higher. Thanks to the efforts of thousands of app developers, Android users now enjoy more apps using modern APIs than ever before, bringing significant security...

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Chatbot future for web development

18 Mar Are Chatbots really the Future of Web Development?

There is no doubt in the fact that the whole world is gradually shifting from the traditional market to the digital market in almost every sector. The most prominent reason for that is because the need for convenience is increased. And that need did not...

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Top trending apps that use AR technology

11 Mar Top 10 Trending Apps that Use AR Technology

Augmented reality- AR enhances a user’s current perception of reality. VR needs a user to inhabit a very virtual setting. Whereas AR uses user’s existing natural setting by simply overlaying virtual info on top of it. The augmented reality app development market focuses on enticing styles in games...

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Linkedin marketing in the year 2019

07 Mar Different Ways Companies Can Use LinkedIn For Marketing

Social media market started with some old names like Orkut, WeChat, etc. With the grand success of some platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook, developers around the world started experimenting with new social media channels. Linkedin is one of the most used social media channels for professional...

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04 Mar Why data is at the heart of driving SME growth

The use of data isn’t new; for centuries, organizations big and small have been using data in an attempt to maximize revenues, retain customers and turn a profit. The difference in the last decade is that there are tools that can store a vast amount...

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Chrome logo

28 Feb Google will revise ad blocker-killing Chromium proposal

Google has decided to revise its proposed Chromium update that would have killed ad blockers and some other extensions. The proposal, to restrict Chromium's script blocking capabilities to the new DeclarativeNetRequest API instead of the old webRequest API, caused a backlash from extension developers...

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Twitter logo

26 Feb Twitter kills API access of apps used to buy followers

Twitter is finally tackling its problem of people buying followers by cutting off API access of apps claiming to offer such a service. Three of the most notorious apps – Crowdfire, ManageFlitter, and Statusbrew – have been affected by Twitter’s clampdown. Such apps follow thousands...

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