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How to setup a cryptocurrency exchange

04 May How To Setup A Cryptocurrency Exchange Software?

Overview With the advent of blockchain technology and powerful GPU’s, Cryptocurrencies and Crypto Exchange Softwares have been in the limelight since last few years. The all-time high relays of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies changed the fortune of many investors across the globe. As per the global report,...

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How the world of cryptocurrencies will shape up in the near future

22 Apr How The World of Cryptocurrencies Will Shape-Up in The Near Future

Are you willing to develop your own cryptocurrency exchange software? Do you want to know about the future of blockchain app development? The future of money is digital currency. -Bill Gates, World’s richest man, Co-founder of Microsoft Based on the ideals of renowned experts who tried answering the above...

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Linkedin marketing in the year 2019

07 Mar Different ways companies can use LinkedIn for marketing in the year 2019

Social media market started with some old names like Orkut, WeChat, etc. With the grand success of some platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook, developers around the world started experimenting with new social media channels. Linkedin is one of the most used social media channels for professional...

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