April 2017


13 Apr Developing for Apple Watch

With Apple Watch, users can now access information in a way that is both distinctly personal and unobtrusive. With just a raise of the wrist, users can receive and respond to notifications, see essential information in a complication, and much more. Developing for Apple Watch...

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13 Apr How to estimate the cost for building a mobile app

After intense thought process of an idea, customers are looking for a reliable team who understands their business objectives with budget constraint. smartData knows how this business specification will transform the living standard of consumers. Keeping clients’ budget constraint in mind we develop their business...

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13 Apr Managed team vs. Freelancer

Whether you are a veteran in IT development or a fresh start-uper, you want your software development needs be met by the best specialists. Who to hire: an in-house team of specialists or freelancers? It all depends on the goals, budget and timespan of your...

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06 Apr Why Amazon and Intel are betting big?

Why Amazon and Intel are betting big on a startup that could succeed where Microsoft's Kinect failed: In an age where Facebook's Oculus Rift virtual reality headset , Microsoft's HoloLens face display , Magic Leap's still-mysterious technology , and even Amazon's Alexa assistant are changing the...

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